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Since 1993
Why engineered?
Choosing wood flooring
Care and maintenance
Installing engineered wood flooring
Technical specification

Wood flooring is beautiful and unique. It is a timeless classic that looks simply stunning in any room or setting. Engineered real wood flooring gives the best of both worlds - the luxury of a real wood finish plus the ease of installation. 

A top layer of oak or ash gives you a highly individual floor with natural warmth and character. It can resist shrinkage or distortion because of the cross layer of plywood backing. But in terms of physical appearance, it can look exactly the same as solid oak, retaining the beauty and authentic appearance of the latter. 

Manufactured to the highest standards, this flooring can be sanded and re-lacquered 3 to 5 times to last even longer. It's a perfect solution that is resistant to swelling, warping or shrinkage as opposed to solid wood floors.


Advantages of engineered flooring:
  • Minimal shrinkage or warping;
  • Very stable construction;
  • Engineered wood floors are more dimensionally stable than solid wood floors;
  • Suitable for use over under floor heating;
  • Extended usage due to 4 or 6 mm oak wear layer;
  • The best engineered floors have a Lifespan anywhere from 60 - 100 years;
  • Using an engineered wood floor allows you to have a wood floor on any grade level;
  • Engineered floors are very easy and fast to install;
  • Engineered hardwood flooring can be used on wood subfloors or dry concrete slabs;
  • Can be nailed, glued or laid as a 'floating floor';
  • Better suited for humid areas of the country;
  • Engineered floors are available in many different sizes, colors and styles;
  • Multilayer floors can be sanded and refinished if ever needed;
  • Hardwood flooring is the only floor covering that increases the value of your home;
  • It does not cause allergies, recommended to use by allergists.


Thinking deeply, you will also realize that this is also environmental friendly. Not only will you use less oak wood, the fact that the flooring uses ply board means quick growing, sustainable trees are used for most of the parts. It’s perfect for the environment and also good for the slow growing oaks.