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Why engineered?
Choosing wood flooring
Care and maintenance
Installing engineered wood flooring
Technical specification

You can use engineered wood flooring in just about any room in your house. If you are looking for a way to increase the beauty as well as the value of your home, one way to do so is to use engineered flooring. This is already assembled that makes it easier to install. You can even install the flooring on your own if you have the basic carpentry tools in which to do so.

All hardwood products should be acclimated to the new environment for at least a few days prior to installation. All boxes should be opened and any loose products should be divided into smaller lots and stored in a suitable room.
Your choice of installation depends very much on your personal situation but the three most common methods are:


Nail down

  •    onto existing floor boards
  •    onto plywood or chipboard
  •    onto floor joists or batons

The name says it all. Whether you opt for a glued or nailed floor is a matter of personal preference.


Glue down

Glue-down installation requires the use of adhesives or bonding agent applied directly onto the subfloor. It can be used on both concrete and wooden subfloors. Vitula recommended adhesives are designed with under floor heating.

The Glue-down installation method can provide an extremely stable floor when done properly, although it will require a slightly longer overall installation process. As with other installation methods, the installers should leave an expansion gap around the perimeter and follow the same laying pattern.



Not recommended


Please ask for our surveyors to inspect a site prior to fitting our flooring.