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Since 1993
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1 component ready to use elastic SMP-based wood flooring adhesive is probably the major innovation of the past decade. It is widely used to glue just about any wooden floor, even in difficult conditions.

Suitable for installation of:
▪ Multilayer wood flooring according to DIN EN 13489;
▪ Wood strip flooring raw according to DIN EN 13226, max. 75 x 600 mm, min. 14 mm thickness;
▪ Mosaic parquet according to DIN EN 13488;
▪ Upright mosaic parquet lamellas, according to DIN EN 14761, from 16 mm thickness;
▪ Solid planks, on request.
▪ Elastic, tension-reducing parquet bonding;
▪ Excess adhesive easy to remove;
▪ Solvent-free, water-free, no labelling required;
▪ Free of isocyanates. Very low emission;
▪ Easy to apply; fast setting; 
▪ No wood swelling;
▪ Aging resistant;
▪ Colour - beige.
Available in 15kg easy to use plastic buckets.